by Destriers

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MiKEY D great stuff. would be awesome to ply on air. I host the show "The Throwdown" on, check us out! Favorite track: Ephesus.
Stephen O' Connor
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Stephen O' Connor Savage blackened progressive hardcore, this is some brutal shit. FFO:Early Cave In, Botch Favorite track: Ephesus.
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released December 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Destriers Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: Ephesus
Listen to whether the rot is in key or not
Its up to you to unravel
its up to me to thicken the plot
river touches us all
it brings life as it corrodes the rocks

they all laid out
At the
Temples of Ephesus

Wasted light won't take your pain away
It came from the ground spoiled lands
Let it happen from you in excess

Their reality slides rolling through suffering
Their reality slides rolling through souls

A slave in the imperial household
Remnants of empire
Unraveling on the rocks
Track Name: Redeemers
You can choose today
To start breaking the mind
Radical suggestions lead to rational surrenders

Pain of circumstance
Must outweigh
Pain of fear of change
Must outweigh

Maybe lock the doors
Maybe bolt the fucking lock
Rational assessments lead to
Radical surrenders

Chasing the mindset to unlock the secret reset
Track Name: Cynosure
Nail your hands to these storms
For the admiration that you crave
Commit now to the waves
Eroded skies will leave you behind

Now the mind is swarmed
No trust in reflecting eyes
What you dont control will stride
What you dont control complies

All the way onto the cross led by lies
Spit upon by all those seething eyes
A body built with patience constantly at war
Shadows of a minds internal door

Let this show you
Its only reflections
Hidden in hills it waits for your weakness
Embedded in empty skies it watches you crack
Deeper than seas it looks into your core

Centre of forces
Track Name: Precept
They took the corpse to wear
They took the bones for soup
Nothing sane to hold onto

Nothing breaks like bones
Under the weight you've pulled in under
Distressed dreams of strength looking beyond into ease & power

Like the uppercrusts breaking into reason
Nothing sane to intersect new blood precept

Defend deny delay diffuse

Have you figured it out yet
Nothing's going to change
Track Name: Jailers
Fucked up got bagged in
And I don't see this ending soon
There's no getting through to you
No excuse your all lean tissue

No true reflections

Do you want to meet your jailers
Do you trust these social climbers
Your time is running out

Tapped in to the sinews

Visceral cerebral intent on delivery

I'm about to walk into the arms of wasted lands
Taking my first step into these promised lands
Track Name: Habitual
Man is a thought being & his life & character are determined by the thoughts in which
he habitually dwells.
a prison of fear & liking what you